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The KMPlayer

The KMPlayer has multiple advanced features and supports lots of formats
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The KMPlayer is a multimedia player that has multiple advanced features and supports a wide range of formats. I was particularly impressed by its tolerance to file errors when it allowed me to play partially downloaded videos without ever showing an error message. It just skipped the missing part and continued playing as though nothing had happened. The same will happen if you try to play damaged video files.
Installing The KMPlayer is not free from troubles. First, the installer will ask the user to make decisions related to the use of internal or external codecs and the like, but worse than that, some of these options are badly explained and use obscure terminology. After all, this is a media player intended for the standard user, so it is expected that the setup wizard should be as intuitive as possible. You should also beware of those options that install unwanted browser toolbars or change your default search engine and home page.
The KMPlayer’s interface looks absolutely great. It has the same touch-friendly style found in Windows 8 and Windows Media Center, with a nice use of transparency and animations. However, this approach contrasts with the extremely small playback buttons. Unfortunately, I did not find this interface easy to navigate, and sometimes I just got lost and found no way to get back to the previous screen. As in Windows Media Player, multiple options are available via right-clicking anywhere on the interface. Thus, you can manage subtitles, access the playlist or configure 3D controls. Besides, you can extract audio or video, and take snapshots of the desired frames. With so many options, one could expect comprehensive help documentation. Well, there is none. Instead, the Help button takes you to an online forum. Multiple languages and skins allow you to customize the interface.
The KMPlayer goes beyond being a simple media player. Much more than that, it is a librarian that allows you to organize your media contents. In addition, this player has links to multiple online media services and allows streaming data from them. However, as it is a Korean player, most of these links lead to Korean sites.
To tell you the truth, although I recognize that there are still lots of aspects to improve, The KMPlayer has soon become my favorite player. In my opinion, its main advantage is that it can play virtually every media file and it will free you from worries about codecs and formats.

Pedro Castro
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  • It supports virtually every media format
  • It allows using internal and external codecs
  • It has a great-looking interface
  • It is highly tolerant to file errors
  • It includes tons of options
  • It allows playing 3D video


  • The installation is troublesome
  • The interface is not easy to navigate
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